Seductive Candles

Our Story

Over 10 years ago, I was wrapped in romance, fell in love, and was married within 6 months of meeting my husband. From such a deep love came our 4 beautiful children. With a chaotic life of juggling family and big ambitions, my husband and I made a promise to continue "dating" so that we would never lose the passion in our marriage.

We share our obsession for scents because of the emotions and memories that they evoke. When it came to candles, we never found one that would ignite the same alluring feelings of seduction and desire as some of our favorite perfumes and colognes. So, we created them. We launched on our anniversary date, April 9th, as a celebration of our love.

You deserve to be loved, and to feel the passion that we feel. Instincts candles will engulf you in an intoxicating aroma, taking you to a fantasy that you won't want to escape. Thank you for sharing in this journey of ours, and may your love be passionate and everlasting.

May your love be passionate and everlasting.

- xoxo Italia