I Want To Feel The Fire 

Say what you want to say about "romance", but we’re all seduced by it. And passion...who doesn’t want to feel passion?! It’s the fire that ignites romance, taking love into the next dimension. I want both.

Think about the most passionate times in your life. The times that make you re-live detailed moments over and over in your head for weeks. The times that have you focused on those intense moments so much that your senses recreate feelings from your thoughts alone.

You see the romantic moments. You hear the romantic things that were once whispered. You feel the sweetest touches all over again. You smell the fragrances that enraptured you before. It’s not JUST in your mind. When you feel the fire, you FEEL it... it lingers.

When passion meets romance, you want to hold on to it... or at least be reminded of all the moments from that time. Let the rich aromas of Instincts candles be the reminder of your fantasies that came to fruition. You light the candle, and let it burn!